FAQ - Warranty

1. How do I check my warranty status?

Warranty for most items are 24 months from date of purchase, as stated on your warranty booklet. 

2. What do I need to claim warranty?

All warranty can only be claimed with original proof of purchase and the warranty booklet. The watch should also be within warranty coverage period. 

3. What if my product is out of warranty?

You can send in your watchto be forwarded to the service centre to assess the cost and time required for repair. If you are agreeable to the condition, we will proceed to repair, otherwise we will return your watch to you with no additional administrative charges.

4. What is covered under warranty?

Manufacturer's defect, which usually means the internal mechanism of the watch. However, if a watch shows sign of damage as a result of a fall (dented casing etc) this may not be successfully claimed under warranty. Other wear and tear as a result of regular usage is not covered under warranty.

5. How do I claim warranty?

You have to send in your watch together with the warranty booklet to any of our store listed here